Why online marketing for local small business is tricky

The term ‘Online Marketing’ grabs a lot of eyeballs these days. Much is written about it, its ways and the infinite possibilities that lay open for business owners to promote their products/services, etc. Even though there is a huge potential in marketing local small businesses online, the ground reality lays somewhere else… on the ground.

Most of the business generated by local small businesses like shop owners, professionals, artists and freelancers is from word-to-mouth. Everybody knows about the internet, but most of them are just not bothered to get a decent domain, forget about having a website. For them the Internet and a Website is still a novelty. People from developed countries and large metro cities might not relate to this, but it is still a reality in many parts of the world including developing countries and cities.

It is indeed a challenge for marketing professionals and agencies to change this view and make small business owners understand how the power of internet, search engines and social media can bring business back to their door.

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