Online Marketing Checklist for Small Business

Its a chaotic world out there! Even more chaotic when it comes to the online world. With easy access to information, resources and so called “expert” advice, small business owners are getting overwhelmed by the lists of things to do to market their business online.

In our not-so-perfect world, dreaming of Top 10 Google or other search engine ranking for a common keyword is like hoping to find a needle in a haystack. It just doesn’t work that way. There are far too many strings attached and spending your hard earned money on some “expert” who guarantees Top 10 ranking in a search engine is sure fire way to lose it.

Most small businesses rely on word-to-mouth marketing… a referral engine that speaks for itself, literally! Since anybody and everybody is getting online nowadays, it’s smart to have a simple yet effective checklist of sorts to get the most out of the online world. Following these basic steps can provide a steady increase in your business both in terms of quantity and quality of the leads generated on the Web…


WebsiteIt starts with a professional website. An easy to remember domain name, a nicely done website both in terms of design and development (check out Resonate’s portfolio to get an idea), good quality content with keywords, and updated regularly are few of the things to be considered while building a website for your business.

Directory Listings & Backlinks

Directory Listings & BacklinksVery important from search engines point of view, quality backlinks from recognized sources and directory listing on good online directories is an old but still a very useful way of getting traffic back to your website.


BloggingUpdating your website by posting news about your company, industry or happenings can bring not only direct traffic from readers but is also a good way to bring your website high up in search rankings. You can either have a custom designed blog on your website (recommended) or have a blog from freely available services like or


Online Communities, Networking & GroupsThere are communities, business networking groups and forums on every conceivable topic we can imagine. Joining and participating in these groups can build credibility, goodwill and build your network in turn bringing business through online referrals, recommendations and more. Websites like,, and many more are ideal for building business networks.

Social Media

Social MediaA massively hyped media nowadays, it still has its merits of building a fan base and following through sharing your content like blog posts, website links and other relevant news. Creating and building a business profile on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites is as much important as building and maintaining your website.

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