Benefits of Outsourcing to a Whitelabel IT Partner

Executing and delivering projects to customers within a given timeframe and economical rates has been a great challenge to agencies around the world. Various strategies are implemented including use of project management tools, assigning dedicated project or account managers, and using communication or collaboration end-points to achieve the desired goal.

These tools and resources can create a huge burden that can make or break the margins in this competitive world. Agencies that are good at business development and marketing find it increasingly difficult to implement it and find it even harder to make their internal design or development teams follow them.

Whitelable WordPress Development India

There is however a smarter way to achieve these goals… outsourcing to a whitelabel development team. Although the word “outsourcing” has varied and often negative connotations, there are hundreds of agencies out there who are not only using this practice, but using it effectively to increase their margins.

CASE STUDY: Our own experience of servicing a Bath, UK based agency for past 3 years has been phenomenal. Initially started with a two people team, the work started pouring in as the agency in Bath no longer had to manage their in-house team but could rely on us to complete as many projects as they assigned.

Benefits of outsourcing can be summarized below…

  • Whitelabel Services: ensure that your agency name is always used no matter who is working on the project execution part.
  • Ensuring Quality: It takes months and even years to develop a customer, and there’s no need for them to know who is working behind the scenes as long as project is delivered in given deadline and at best possible results.
  • Huge Cost Benefit: Probably the most important reason that outsourcing has been embraced worldwide is its cost benefit. When highly experienced and quality resources are available at half the cost, it only makes sense to shift the task of project execution to those who have been doing it for years.

Types of Services

Design, development and project management can all be outsourced and managed through carefully selected tools, medium of communication and rapport built between both agencies and the execution team. Below are some of the commonly used services through outsourcing…

  • UX/UI and Design Services
  • Responsive Web Design & Front-end Development (HTML5/CSS3)
  • WordPress CMS Website Development
  • Online Marketing Solutions including SEO, Email Marketing & Social Media
  • Mobile & Web Applications
  • E-commerce & Shopping Cart Development
  • Branding & Corporate Identity

End Notes

Building a good relationship between the agency and the development team is the secret behind the success of this model. Through transparency and clear communication methods, it is not difficult to achieve good results. It might turn out to be one of the best investment you ever made.

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