Harnessing the Power of WordPress Multisite

WordPress has come a long way from just being a blogging software to being a de-facto choice for CMS website development. Developers and agencies have also been using it extensively to build e-commerce portals, listing engines and more. No wonder, its use has exponentially increased leaps n bounds over last couple of years.

Looking at the future of WordPress, more and more people are starting to adopt it as a platform to build various niche segment web applications, membership sites and also use it alongside other development frameworks. One important development since the release of WordPress Ver 3 was inclusion of “Multisite” feature as part of default WP setup. With couple of minor alterations during setting up your WordPress environment, you can have a website supporting multiple websites through a single admin.

WordPress Multisite Install

WordPress Multisite DevelopmentMulti-site puts features and powers much beyond default CMS capabilities in the hands of website owner and opportunities become endless when we consider various applications where it can be put to use…

  • Website For Associations (master & member sites)
  • Enterprise & Corporate Use (microsites, member sites, dept sites, etc)
  • Education Group Website (sub-sites for various education departments)
  • Builders & Construction Group Website (sub-sites for individual properties)
  • Multi-speciality Hospital Website (sub-sites for various departments and/or doctors)
  • Multi author Blogging Network
  • News Portals (sub-sites for different news segments like politics, sports, etc)
  • Micro-sites for Events, Branches, etc

Granular Control

Setting up a WordPress Multisite install provides a granular level control of each sub-site and still provide a way to replicate and/or create additional websites based on specific settings, themes, plugins and configurations. Domain mapping is another very popular and useful way of pointing custom domains to each sub-site thereby providing ways to create membership sites that can be managed individually although they all link and use a same WordPress back-end admin area.

WordPress themes, plugins, space limit for each sub-site or blog and other settings can be individually managed by Super-admin and every admin can manage content of their own sub-site

The Cost Factor

Multi-website development platforms and systems are very expensive to build or use. Further these systems are very complicated and require highly qualified staff not only to build but also to operate and manage on daily basis.

WordPress Multisite on the other hand requires one time setup and most of the later operations can be taken care just like any other WordPress website. This transforms into huge savings and cost cut right from the development stage right down to maintenance and upkeep of the software.

At Resonate, we have installed and operated few Multisite installs and understand its working like hosting requirements, how to configure plugins and themes for common use across sub-sites, mapping custom domains to sub-sites and also how to upgrade core WP and plugins that are shared by all resources.

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