Domain Name Ownership

A domain name is probably the most fundamental need of any business in the online world. It is the basic identity on which an entity develops their brand and online presence. However for many business owners, it is a cause for a common pain point – they don’t OWN their own domain name in-spite of the name being registered and used by them. This phenomenon might be a thing of the past for developed countries but it still holds true in emerging economies including India. Here’s a typical scenario from the source itself…

Domain Name Ownership

The Problem

“I want to create my website but one of my dear friend had registered my company domain and I don’t have any access to its control panel. What can I do?” To add insult to injury, their “friend” wants more than double the cost to renew it. Since the domain is in his/her control, emails are also controlled by the same person.

If you are one of the people whose domain name has been hijacked by your “friend” or someone you know… please WAKE UP! You should own your own domain.

Domain Name Management

A domain name can have 4 different contact details associated with itself…

  1. Registrant: Owner of the domain
  2. Administrative Contact: One who administers and manages that domain name
  3. Billing Contact: Obviously the billing details and contact
  4. Technical Contact: Technical contact/Registration service contact

In most cases the web designer/developer manages the domain for their clients. In such cases, business owners need to ask for these details and make sure their name/email is part of Registrant contact details for the domain. Also, make sure you have working username/password to the Domain Control Panel where the domain is managed.

In certain cases, domain is locked at the Administrator or Reseller level so having access to your domain control panel also has no use. You don’t get any rights to change, transfer or otherwise manage your own domain. In plain terminology this is nothing but “ransom”.

The Solution

Here at Resonate, we make sure our clients have their own domain/hosting accounts and we only impart services to manage them. A web designer/web developer cannot and should not have any right to domains registered on behalf of their clients. Its like selling a car and not handing over the keys to the buyer.

Business owners on their part should also be aware of their rights and should force the concerned people to hand over the domain rights including right to transfer, renew and change any of

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