Startups & WordPress Are Made For Each Other

The word “Startup” in business terminology is associated with new ideas, innovation, opportunities, change and lots of energy. It is also commonly associated with shoestring budgets and testing for customer traction, technology, management shuffle, etc. The biggest challenge for any startup is to convert their ideas into actual product or service that has the possibility to become a game changer, and obviously one which has a commercial value.

Building A Web Presence

During the initial period of 0-2 years a startup typically requires a web presence which puts them “out there” in a professional yet approachable way, unless of course the startup is about the technology itself that requires a working prototype or custom developed web platform with all the bells and whistles from day one.

WordPress for Startup

This initial phase where a startup is testing the waters and wants to build a brand online, can utilize the power of WordPress as a dynamic tool for their web presence. WordPress CMS offers out-of-the-box capabilities for business owners and their web development teams that is not only a breeze to install, but easy to operate and highly flexible and scalable.

Our Experience Resonates

For past few years, our WordPress website solutions have benefited a lot of startups here in Pune, India as well as from USA, UK and Canada. Benefits of WordPress websites can be summarized in few important points below…

  • Affordable web development cost
  • No licensing fees, WordPress being open-source
  • Thousands of plugins and themes available making WordPress truly extensible
  • Huge support base
  • Easy to maintain and operate even for novice users


A startup’s journey from an idea to actual working model has lots of hurdles. It then makes perfect sense to invest cautiously in a team of web developers who can convert your vision into something tangible that is dynamic and workable, but at the same time keep the cost in control. WordPress CMS, now powering more than 24% of the Web can surely help you achieve this goal.

Let us know if your startup needs a solid web presence, or if you’re just looking for a WordPress friend!


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