Find me, find oh
The knot won’t open up
To know in it, is there what?
My mind mire, the froth
The truth, the blot
Humanity split in half a lot
Spread me through either side
Of pending decisions, to rot

Under the circumstance
Over a rabid chance
What i bought,
Untimely and gross
Find me, gone past
The goat sprang from the roars
Among those ghosts
That bothers me not

Well heeled, bred high
White flesh from black lines
Me never shook hands
Bare breasted never fold
Filthily drenched in their aftercoats
Of cologne…
Of their bloodlines, of fortune.
Me, what i’ve got?

Bell that warns the distance
Of me, hangs precarious
“How?”, say the voices taught
In a single voice
Find the goat, find its gut
Find what its really got
Cause the gates are for ghosts,
And the ground for rolling floss